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Couch Money

Finding Your Hidden Wealth

Couch Money

A vast percentage of small, medium and even large businesses have one thing in common. They’re all sitting on hidden wealth. Some businesses spend thousands on advertising and still don’t tap in to the obvious. So where is it I hear you ask?

It can be found in

  • every email, brochure or letter you write that doesn’t create a relationship with your customer or client;
  • every letter or email that you would like to write but never get around to;
  • every person that visits your web site that you never hear from again;
  • every customer that you don’t thank for their business;
  • every newspaper, radio, magazine or TV station that you don’t appear on because it all seems too hard;
  • every press advert that wasn’t on a right hand page;

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, tapping into this iceberg can be easier than you think.

Firstly you need to make a conscious effort to create a relationship with your customer or client. When you design a brochure or send an email or letter, make them feel like you actually care about their needs, wishes, desires and dreams. Use the word YOU in the copy. Create a personal conversation with the person that is reading the material. Keep it simple. Use language that you would use in normal conversation. Focus on the benefits of what you are offering rather than the service or product. I know if I am buying a new TV, I am not really interested in how many wires it has or how it was made. I am more interested in how great it sounds and how clear the picture is.

Take time out on your business and send those letters and emails to your customers. A simple personalised ‘Thank You’ letter can give you the edge over your competitor and create a relationship with your customers that will give them the confidence to on sell your business or service. Word of Mouth is an invaluable marketing tool. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing your business and it costs you nothing. Increasing your clientele with referrals is a simple process, but it is amazing how few companies realise the upside potential.

If you have a story to tell, then tell it. If you have won an Industry award, tell the local media. Create a simple Press Release or Media Update template where you can insert the relevant information. Whether you’re the first business to bring a new piece of technology to the region or are simply involved in a community partnership, all of this helps in reinforcing your company brand in the market place. Approach all forms of media, press, radio, magazine or TV, locally or nationally. Every little bit helps!

Are you turning your web visits in to customers? Create a web site that will allow you to capture a name and email address. Building a database is essential. Maintaining it is paramount. To capture more interest and build on it, offer your website visitors something for free. Whether it is a newsletter, free information and market research, a product sample, or an invitation to an information night, give people a reason to come back.

Focus on placement. Do you realise that you can drastically increase the number of people that read your press adverts if you simply place them on the right hand page? If your Sales Representative doesn’t offer this to you, then ask for it. Assess your media success and only place a press advertisement if it works for you. The fact that your competitors are advertising in the local press or on TV is not a guide to the success of that medium for your business.

Marketing is something that can trigger nightmares for many small business operators. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Start by identifying your customer and creating a simple marketing plan for the year. Focus on maintaining your present customer base and building on it. There are many ways you can grow your business and by implementing just one of the above you will see growth.

Alexandra Anderson

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Jason Harper

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